Landstede Groep

Vision and identity

From Christian inspiration, we work on developing the talents of our students and employees. As a school, we seek to add value to our environment and to your development as a human.

These values guide what we think and what we do:

  • developing everyone's talent
  • respect for the individuality of all people
  • meeting each other
  • attention to meaning in life
  • being responsible for yourself, others and society

Vision of learning
Learning is a continuous process. Before information actually becomes knowledge, a number of conditions have to be met: autonomy, collaboration and competence.

Autonomy means: (wanting to) do things yourself Collaboration is important, because learning is a social process: with your teachers or your fellow students and sometimes with people from outside school. Competence is that which you know and are capable of. We help you feel comfortable in what you do and increase your self-confidence. We want to offer you a fun and challenging learning environment where you can grow and develop yourself.

Christian identity
We are a school with a Christian identity. This is particularly evident in the daily reflection and in the celebration of the Christian holidays. At the same time, we are a 'pluriform' school that offers plenty of space for people with other convictions. Of course, it's important that we all accept each other as equal and acknowledge each other's life convictions. This includes being interested in another person's inner life and the ideas he or she attempts to put into practice.

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