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To International School Zwolle

An international school may sound big, but with us you will immediately feel at home in a small-scale location for international education. We would like to offer you a pleasant and challenging learning environment that allows you to grow, gain self-confidence, develop your talent and yourself.

Introduction period 
At the start of the year, you will have an introduction period. During this fun period, you will get to know your classmates as well as other students and teachers - and the other way round of course! 

Good supervision
As a class, you will have your own mentor who will guide you at school. The mentor also serves as the contact person between school and home and will also visit your home from time to time.

Special forms of assistance

We offer ample possibilities for additional assistance. Think of training for spelling and tutoring by older students, but also training in the field of social skills, fear of failure or grief counselling. More information about these forms of additional assistance can easily be acquired from your mentor and care coordinator.

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